The Bake Better Subscription (Monthly)

What Is The Bake Better Subscription?

If you love our baking kits, you'll love the subscription. Every month, you will receive an exclusive surprise baking kit with a recipe that's developed specially for you guys, that will not be found on the site.

How is it different from our classic/limited edition baking kits?

Unlike these baking kits, a subscription kit will not be offered on site, and is exclusively for subscribers. The kit will also be a surprise, and the actual baked treat will only be revealed on the day of the delivery, to give you a dose of surprise! 

Whatever crazy, special, or unique things we are baking for that month, you will only be charged a flat rate of S$24.95 (excluding shipping) every month, no extra charges.

Subscribers can also purchase additional non-subscription baking kits on top of their subscription kit, to be delivered on the same day. They will then be able to apply an exclusive subscribers-only S$9 off promo code on the non-subscription kit(s).

Before any charge is made, you will receive an email detailing the ingredients/tools provided in the kit, recommended equipment, delivery date, and of course, the featured flavours of the month plus hints on what that month's bake is going to be!

In this subscription, you'll get to bake a variety of sweet and unique treats such as these cookie bars with FOUR types of chocolate and baking chips, trendy Thai Tea loaf cakes you won't be able to find anywhere else, unique cream puffs filled with a passionfruit and matcha cream, and more! 

This subscription helps you bake better, faster, and gives you a variety of different baking experiences. Did we also mention that you get the cool occasional gift? If you're not a fan of that month's bake/flavours, you may skip for the month, or cancel the subscription. No obligations. 

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What's Included In The Upcoming Kit (November)?

Yield: 30 cookies

We're ending the year on a high note. This month's kit features black sesame & dark chocolate - a flavour combination that you don't see often, but flavours that marry beautifully with each other. 

There's the nuttiness and fragrance of black sesame, punctuated with bittersweet notes of dark chocolate - it's a cookie that you won't be able to stop munching on. 

These soft-baked cookies are slightly chewy and ultra fragrant, plus fun to make! Spend a breezy afternoon baking some cookies with your loved ones - simply pull out this baking kit, follow the recipe card and the tutorial video included, and get rollin' & bakin'. It's that simple.

Storage: Kit can be kept for 1-2 months. Store butter in the freezer and dry ingredients in a cool and dry area.

There will be no subscription in December due to the launch of our seasonal collection. Monthly subscribers will not be charged for that month, gift subscribers will receive their subsequent kits in January instead.

Looking for a gift? We offer a 3-month gift subscription too, with shipping included! 

*As this is a surprise monthly subscription, pictures & videos of the actual product will only be revealed on the day of delivery. See past kits here. 

What information about the kit do I get each month before I'm charged?
  • The list of ingredients
  • The list of recommended equipment
  • Delivery date and time
  • Additional information about the kit, sometimes including a discount code for selected products
When do I receive my kit?
We deliver the subscription kits on the 3rd Thursday of each month. The actual date will be published on the site and in an email that'll be sent to subscribers prior to the delivery. Please note that we may assign more delivery days.

Don't worry if you're not able to bake it on the day you receive your kit! You may store your kit for baking at a later date. Refer to our storage information to see how to best keep your baking kits.
When do I get charged?
We charge on the 9th of each month. That means that you should subscribe by the 9th, or cancel/skip a delivery by the 9th.
What Is The Subscription Portal?
The subscription portal is exclusive to subscribers. It allows you to: 
  • Change your shipping address (useful when you want to gift that particular month's box to someone)
  • Order more of the surprise kits for the month 
  • Check your billing schedule and upcoming deliveries.
  • Skip a delivery. We know how it can sometimes get too busy, so just skip a month!
  • Cancel your subscription. We'd hate to see you go, but if you need to, cancelling is easy!

Learn how to do these tasks here.

Cancellation & Skipping Deliveries

Cancel or skip a delivery via the subscription portal before the charge date (9th of each month), and you'll not be charged for that month. It's that easy, no obligations!

A S$4.50 delivery fee applies for subscribers, and this will be charged along with the monthly subscription kit every month, if no cancellation or skipping is made.




We are busy people too. Baking has always taken too much time; too much effort. Until now. Forget about gathering and measuring ingredients and recipes that take too long to complete. Our baking kits ensure the tastiest and freshest treats, at a fraction of the time. 


We'll send you an exclusively curated baking kit each month. All baking kits come with the freshest ingredients - individually packed -  and a recipe that's developed for busy bees. Oh, and we throw in the occasional gift, too.


Nothing beats a personal touch.  The whisking and folding of batter, the dough that you roll out - it's all you.
So get the whisks out - it's time to get started baking. You're about to whip up something absolutely magical. 

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