Bakestarters 2017 Potluck + Subscription Demo

In March 2017, Bakestarters partnered up with BKOSFoodand Butter & Bake to host a potluck for fellow baking enthusiasts. It was a marriage of the core values of all three organisers - A desire to see home-bakers/cooks create magic in the kitchen. A potluck is defined as a gathering where each guest contributes a unique dish of food, often homemade, to be shared [Wikipedia]And this potluck demonstrated the limitless magic of everyone's creativity. For those curious, we brought our March Gourmet Subscription Kit, the French Passionfruit Brown Butter Tart! 

Discussing the Bakestarters kit demonstration with Butter & Bake founder, Felicia (@butterandbake, and the lovely and incredibly patient instructor, Delphine (@chiccupcakes). 

Each potluck has a theme, and this one was Spring Into Action - no prizes for guessing which season inspired the dishes! With this in mind, everyone exercised their creativity to suit the theme of Spring. The attendees of the potluck inspired with their individual choice of dish - each had a unique flavour, and everyone was full of praise for each other's creation. It was a joy to watch everyone bond over endless sharing of tips and adventures in the kitchen. From Thai Tea mini tarts [pictured below], to Korean Fried Chicken [also pictured below] by Lutfi (@bkosfood), the menu was full of choice and surprises! Perhaps thankfully, everything seemed to complement each other perfectly, possibly due to the fantastic vibe that was present throughout the 2-hour event. 


In conclusion, the entire event was a successful mingling of like-minded food lovers, and it wouldn't have been possible if not for the other organisers, BKOSFood, Butter & Bake, and all the lovely participants. We had a great time, and we will definitely host another event again! Would you be interested in attending an event like this? Subscribe to our newsletter to be invited to our next one!