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Bakestarters Live Virtual Baking School FAQs

General Info

What is the Bakestarters Live Virtual Baking School?

The Bakestarters Live Virtual School is designed to take your baking to the next level by providing guided learning and practice, at a sustainable and affordable cost. Each plan features the following benefits:

  • Unlimited bookings (book as many classes as you like and attend the same classes multiple times, subject to availability)
  • Real-time, interactive, live virtual classes conducted by a team of instructors
    • In-class troubleshooting
    • Instructors work in teams to ensure that participants receive adequate attention
    • Dedicated Q&A sessions during each class to ensure deeper learning
  • New classes added every month. Check out what classes we have on here.
  • In-class support
  • After-class support (only available for 3-months and 6-months plans)
  • Up to 30% off our bakeware collection (only available for 3-months and 6-months plans)

How does it work?

When you purchase a plan (1-month / 3-months / 6-months), you become an active member of the school for that duration. As a member, you get to access every class listing on the website, which includes the class details, such as the ingredients & tools required, as well as a booking calendar for you to book the classes at S$0.

Every class is structured and designed to ensure deeper learning — a team of instructors will be present in each class to ensure that Participants get adequate attention during the class. Classes are all conducted on Zoom.

Can I extend my membership plan?

You will not be able to extend your membership plan after you have started on it. If you would like to continue joining our classes and enjoy the membership benefits, you may purchase a brand new plan after your current plan is up.

How will my membership duration be calculated?

Your membership duration will be calculated based on the date you purchase your membership, and not by calendar month. This means that if you have purchased a 6 month membership on 23rd May 2021, your membership will end exactly 6 months from 23rd May 2021.

Can more than one member share a plan?

One plan is only catered for one member and one screen during any of the classes. However, you can get your loved ones involved with you during the classes you have enrolled in, share the same screen, and learn together from our instructors!

Will I be able to get/request for recipes from classes from—(1) The previous month(s), (2) Classes held earlier in the month before I was a member, or (3) Classes later in the month after my membership expires?

No, you will not be able to. You will only be able to get and download the recipes for the classes you have booked and attended. The recipes will only be given during the class.

This is to prevent hoggers from booking without attending classes, which takes away the chances for other students to attend their desired classes. This also serves to be fair to students who have purchased a subscription earlier.


How do I book a class?

Once logged in, members are able to access the individual class listings. Members can book classes based on the available slots shown on the Class Calendar.

More information of the class, including ingredients and equipment needed, can also be found on the individual class pages.

You may browse more information on our classes here.

What classes are there?

There will be two kinds of classes — Foundational Classes and Recipe Classes.

Foundational classes get down to the basics of a particular subject / topic, going deep into the science behind the ingredients and techniques to give you a good foundation for future learning and baking.

Recipe classes teach and guide you in making a particular recipe, with more focus on the execution of the recipe and are go less in-depth on the theory and science as compared to Foundational classes.

The curriculum is designed and structured to pair both types of classes together so that you'll become a more proficient and well-rounded baker. A combination of both types of classes will help you master and understand the basics, and then allow you to use your skills and knowledge to better execute various recipes.

You may browse our full range of ongoing classes here.

How will the class schedule be like?

There will be multiple slots for the same class, and also classes scheduled throughout the week including weekends and evenings! To view the class schedule, please go to this page.

You may browse by classes, including by month, week, and day to better plan your classes according to your own schedule. It's super flexible! The class schedules will be released in two-week blocks in order to ensure slots are managed so everyone gets an opportunity to join the classes.

Can I join the classes without baking along with the instructors?

Yes, you can! We allow for two kinds of bookings for every class — "Join as Spectator / Camera Off" and "Join as Participant / Camera On". Busy and on-the-go? Simply sign up for classes and listen in as a Spectator, and bake at your own time or join the same class again as a Participant!

Can I book the same class more than once?

Definitely! Your membership allows you unlimited access to all the classes available for 1, 3, or 6 months, at a pocket-friendly fee. You can definitely attend the same class more than once to recap and practise the skills you've learned from our instructors.

Can I cancel a booking/change my participation? How can I do it?

Yes, you can cancel a booking or change your role from participant to spectator and vice versa. Simply drop an email to specifying the classes you wish to cancel or change your roles at least one day before the class, and we will do the rest!

How easy will it be to get slots for the classes?

We understand that getting the classes you want is a key part of the school experience. We will be actively managing the number of slots and classes to ensure all members can attend the classes they want! More sessions will also be opened for popular classes.

At the same time, we also wish to seek your kind understanding to book responsibly and sign up for classes that you'll be able to attend. This will ensure that all members in the community get a chance to attend the classes that they want, just like you!

Attending The Class

What do I have to do before every class?

Before every class that you have enrolled in, you will receive simple and detailed instructions to access the live Zoom class with your digital device. You will also be reminded on what to prep before your class.

Do I have to get my own ingredients before every class?

Yes, you will have to. To ensure that you'll have a hassle-free prep experience, all students will get access to a members-only platform, with all the information you will need to get you ready for the classes you've joined. This includes tools, ingredients, and the amounts you'll need to get before every class, including possible alternatives. This allows you to tweak recipes (ingredients) according to your taste, accessibility, dietary preferences and restrictions.

We also include recommendations in grouping the measurements to reduce the number of dishes you need.

What if I do not have some of the tools required for the classes?

For non-key tools, our instructors and facilitators will work with what you have at home and provide alternatives. Alternatively, students can also grab the tools they need from our website —members automatically qualify for exclusive discounted pricing on our bakeware collection (for 3-month and 6-month subscribers only).

How will the classes be conducted and do I need to pay for any website/app subscriptions?

The live and interactive classes will be conducted in real time via Zoom. It is free for you to use. We have designed a structured in-class learning system so that you have a fun and seamless learning experience.

Will I need to be online during the entire class?

If you are joining as a Spectator (Camera Off) mode, you may leave anytime should you have something to attend to. If you are joining as a Participant (Camera On), we would highly recommend you to finish the class with us, so that you'll be able to absorb everything that's taught!

How long are the classes?

The classes can vary from slightly less than 1 hour, to more than 4 hours in total.

Every individual class listing page (members-only access) will detail the length of each class, so that you can better plan your time. This includes the Total Time (Active), Total Time (Inactive), and Total Time of the Session.

Inactive time refers to the total time waiting for the magic to happen, such as proofing and chilling dough, or baking — the flexibility of these classes allows you to do what you need to do, such as fetching your kids home from school, grabbing a meal, or doing the dishes. We will also dedicate some of the time during Inactive periods for questions & answers.

How will I get help during the class?

The live virtual classes are meant to be interactive—students will receive support every step of the way from our instructor, demonstrator, and facilitator, who will be present in every live class. There will also be a dedicated Q&A session during the classes where you'll be able to ask questions and clarify any recipe and class-related doubts!

All members will get in-class support during every class. 3-month and 6-month members get after-class support, with 6-month members getting priority after-class support.

Will I get a copy of the recipes?

Yes, you will! We will be sending you a downloadable digital copy of the Bakestarters' recipe during every class, We also include course notes that'll recap key points and what you've learnt during that class, to aid in deeper learning.

Will there be a video that I can replay after attending the classes?

There will be no video for replay. If you would like to recap what you've learnt or try the recipe again with the help of our instructors, simply book another session for the same class—it's free! You may also refer to the course notes that will given to all class attendees.

More questions? Email us at