How long can your ingredients be kept for?

Our ingredients are packed freshly on the day of delivery, as such, the dry ingredients can be kept for as long as a week (although certain ingredients such as flour should be kept in the fridge). However, for ingredients such as buttermilk, milk & other dairy products, it’s best to use them within two days of delivery, provided they were refrigerated.

Will my ingredients be delivered fresh?

Yes! We follow a strict delivery process. We keep our dairy products cold, and the non-dairy products at room temperature. We leave them separate in our delivery vehicle to maintain their temperatures separately. So kudos to our delivery guys for the hard work!

Can we get free delivery?

Yes you can! Spend S$35.00 & above in one receipt, and you’ll qualify for free shipping.

I’m not sure how many cups I should get for the recipe. Help!

Don’t fret, chat with us (at the bottom right of the screen) when we’re online (8-5 daily), and we’ll be glad to help you figure it out. If we aren't online, you can use the same chat function on the bottom right to send us a message. We won’t even ask for a slice of whatever you’re baking, promise!

Do you do same day delivery?

Not yet! We are, however, looking into that possibility. When we do, we’ll send out an email to our newsletter subscribers. So make sure you subscribe here!

I'm a beginner, are the baking kits suitable for me?

Definitely! Our baking kits are designed for bakers of all levels. We provide a difficulty level in each baking kit page, so if you're worried, you can choose to bake the Easy kits. You can also have a chat with us via the message app at the bottom right so we can guide you!

I'm looking for an ingredient, but I can't find it here.

Oh no, we are terribly sorry! Please help us improve by dropping us a message and telling us about it!