Frequently Asked Questions

You have important questions, and we (hopefully) have all the answers.


What's a baking kit?

Bakestarters' baking kits are designed to help you bake the best you can. Each baking kit comes with a fully developed recipe, the already-measured ingredients (except eggs), and parchment paper / selected disposable bakeware. That's right, even butter, and fresh milk.

Do I need anything from my kitchen?

You'll need your own baking tools such as an oven, bowls, whisks, etc, and eggs. When required by the recipe, we provide parchment paper, as well as the following disposable bakeware:

  • Loaf pans
  • Tart pans
  • Self-standing cupcake liners

Are the baking kits suitable for my level?

When we design a baking kit and its recipe, we always do so knowing that a successful result is extremely important. As such, we provide resources such as a fully detailed recipe card, and our online video tutorials. Along with the accurately measured ingredients, we believe most of our kits are suitable for bakers of all level. However, you might want to check the difficulty level at each product page before purchasing!

Do I need special equipment such as a kitchen or hand-mixer?

You do need an oven to bake most of our kits in, however, you do not need a kitchen mixer or hand-mixer. Special equipment can help you bake more effortlessly, however, you may bake our kits without the use of special equipment.

How long do the ingredients in my baking kits last?

Please look under the "Storage Information" section in each baking kit page as it differs based on which ingredients are provided.

Can I bake the recipe from the baking kit again?

Yes, most certainly! All our recipe cards include the ingredients, required amounts, and steps, just like any other recipe would. Fun fact: Many of our users have their own Bakestarters recipe folder!


When do you deliver?

We currently deliver from Wednesdays - Fridays, between 6:30 p.m. - 10:30 p.m.

Can I select my own delivery date?

Yes, you can! At checkout, we require you to select a convenient date & time slot for your delivery.

What if I'm not home during delivery?

Fret not! All our cold ingredients come inside an insulated cold bag, with additional ice packs to ensure its freshness. They will be able to be kept fresh for hours, until you're home to refrigerate them.

How much is delivery?

We charge S$4.50 for deliveries of orders below S$42.00. Orders above S$42.00 qualify for free delivery.


What are limited edition kits?

Limited edition kits are 5 baking kits that are available for purchase for one month only. Some of our best include Keep Calm & Carrot On (a 1.5kg cream cheese carrot cake), Open Sesame (a black sesame bread with black sesame filling), and Passion De Coco (a passionfruit cheese-cake with coconut crust).

What is The Bake Better Subscription?

It's a monthly delivery of an exclusive surprise Bakestarters kit - a developed and curated box of pre-portioned baking ingredients, along with a tried and test recipe to help you bake a great treat to share with your family and friends.

When do limited edition kits deliver?

Just like any other baking kits, you may choose the desired delivery date & time at checkout by using the calendar.

When do subscription kits deliver?

All subscription kits deliver on the 3rd Thursday of each month.


I have a discount code. How do I use it?

We've made it really easy for you to use your discount codes!


  1. Go to cart.
  2. Click "Checkout"
  3. On the right side of the page, input your discount code in the box.


  1. Go to cart.
  2. Tap "Checkout"
  3. Tap "Show Order Summary"
  4. Input your discount code in the box.


What are Referral Rewards?

Bakestarters' Referral Rewards are our way of rewarding you for being an awesome person and sharing good stuff with your friends!

How does it work?

When you refer a friend to Bakestarters, they get 20% off their first purchase, while you get S$8 off your next order once they've completed their first purchase.*

*referral discounts only apply to the classic and limited edition collections

How do I refer a friend?

We could tell you, but we think it's a lot easier if you just go to this link here.


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