The Bakestarters Gift Subscription | Singapore
The Best Desserts Recipes

The best gifts in life are the ones that are genuine. Introducing The Bakestarters Gift Subscription.

You don't simply gift a subscription. You are gifting an experience, and the creation and sharing of something truly enjoyable. Individually packed and portioned premium ingredients, along with a gourmet recipe. Sometimes the best way to show love is to create it. 


The Key Features

Baking Subscription | Singapore

Surprise someone.

A surprise gourmet dessert recipe with ingredients to bake for the next three months. Who doesn't love surprises?

Premium Baking Ingredients

Fresh, and real.

The best cakes are made with fresh and real ingredients. Flavours that delight.

The Best Gourmet Dessert Recipes

Become a whiz.

With premium ingredients, a baking recipe card, and baking tips from experienced bakers, they will bake desserts to be proud of.

Monthly Baking Subscription

The gift of baking. 

You will be giving not one, but three gifts. One unique box a month for the next three months. The subscription expires automatically after three months.