The Bakestarters Subscription - February 2017

The Bakestarters Subscription - February 2017

February's here, the make-or-break month for our New Year resolutions. Motivation comes easy in January, where the annual adrenaline that fuels our resolutions are out in full force. February's where they get shaky. How does this tie into our subscription, you ask? I'll gladly oblige!

Coffee. Our pick-me-up. Or wake-me-up. What better way to consume coffee than in a cake? And frosting. You get the drift. We introduce our subscription kit for the previous month of February - The Double Coffee Walnut Layer Cake.

Moist, super delicious, and fun to bake (words from our subscribers), this naked cake recipe features a shot of espresso in its double layer cake base, along with another shot in the buttercream frosting. The result? Coffee and dessert in the morning. Can't imagine a better way to wake up to!

In March 2017, our upcoming subscription box will yet feature another gourmet and unique recipe. Challenge yourself and treat your loved ones by baking a deliciously gourmet dessert! Or better yet, bond in the kitchen with your loved ones over premium ingredients and kitchen magic.

Be excited. Very, excited.