The Bakestarters Subscription - March 2017

The Bakestarters Subscription - March 2017

Ah, passionfruit. We hear about this fruit a lot, or so it seems, but when was the last time you had this deliciously sweet yet slightly tangy fruit? Never, you say? That's normal. Most people know passionfruit through its juice, but have you tried it in a dessert? It's.. Amazing. 

Better yet, when we paired up the passionfruit cream - made from pure passionfruit purée -  together with a French browned butter tart base, the result was magnifique. We present to you, our exotic French Passionfruit Tart.

"I've never browned butter before and I was a bit nervous, but following the instructions was easy, and the aroma of the tart base itself was so tempting! Everyone I shared the tart with loved the match-up between the brown butter and the passionfruit cream."

- CY, subscriber

Making the tart crust

The exotic passionfruit made into a tangy cream filling, set upon a French browned butter (all our subscribers received French butter specifically for this recipe) tart base. Making a gourmet dessert simple is never easy, but we think this has nailed it. 

We've played around with different flavours for the previous months, such as a classic chocolate-orange combination in our mini cheesecakes, and the double shot of espresso coffee together with ground walnuts for that extra crunch in the frosted naked cake last month. With this passionfruit tart, we wanted to make sure that the distinct and exotic flavour shone through without any distractions.

So behold, an exotic passionfruit tart, with a French browned butter base. Next month, April 2017, we'll be baking an amazing gourmet cake. That's the hint for now! Follow us on Instagram to get upcoming hints on our surprise gourmet subscription kit next month!