The Bakestarters Subscription - The First Box

The Bakestarters Subscription | Singapore | Mini Cheesecakes

The Bakestarters Subscription - The First Box

With the first Bakestarters subscription box, we noticed that most of our subscribers were new to Bakestarters. We opted for a baking kit that's on the easier side to make (so they can get familiarised with our process), but at the same time, incredibly indulgent and unique. A good cheesecake recipe was a natural answer to our questions, and we decided that we'd go for mini cheesecakes to prevent, as much as possible, any cracks that cheesecakes tend to have. 

Cheesecakes are a versatile dessert - varying styles make each cheesecake recipe almost completely different from one another. Choosing to go with the ever-loved American-styled cheesecake recipes, we set about determining a unique but classic flavour combination, finally settling on orange and dark chocolate. And boy, are we glad we did. 

Premium ingredients are what set cheesecakes apart from each other, and it's what we believe in bringing to the table. The best Sunkist oranges, Philadelphia cream cheese, the classic Oreo cookie crust; This will be a good bake. 

Orange and dark chocolate. In a mini cheesecake that we can sneak into the theatres and eat on a whim? Sign us up. 

Next month's (February) subscription box, will feature another gourmet and unique recipe. It'll be slightly more challenging than the mini cheesecakes that you've baked this month, so be prepared. And be excited. Very, excited. 

P.S. Don't the cheesecakes look like the Leaning Tower Of Pisa?