What Are Baking Kits


We want you to spend less time on gathering ingredients and measuring them. Our baking kits come with all individually portioned ingredients (except eggs), and a recipe card in case you want to bake them again.

What's in a baking kit?

  • RECIPE CARD with detailed instructions and expert tips from our professional bakers that’ll ensure you get a successful bake you’ll be proud of.
      • Specially developed and rigorously tested recipes: Our recipes are specially developed with you in mind and bake-tested rigorously to ensure that the taste profile is catered to your taste buds - not your average, overly sweet baking recipes which fail you.
      • QR Code for easy access to online video tutorials: Each recipe card comes with a QR code that you can scan using your smartphone for immediate, quick, and easy access to the online video tutorial for that recipe. These online video tutorials are created to provide you visual guidance throughout the baking process. 
      • Make it again: Good recipes are meant to be kept. Our recipe cards are designed to be kept and stored so you can pull them out the next time you want to bake it again! They have everything (and more!) you require to bake it again, including recommended equipment/tools and the ingredients in their exact amounts.

  • QUALITY INGREDIENTS IN THEIR EXACT AMOUNTS so you don’t have to do any last-minute grocery runs, or buy huge packs of ingredients only to throw them away after they expire.
      • Unique Ingredients: Why spend over 10 bucks on 7 bottles of food colouring when you’re only going to use a small drop each for the rainbow cupcakes you want to try baking? Our kits let you experiment baking with a whole range of unique ingredients and teach you how to use them, so you don’t have to hunt for them and figure out how to use them correctly.
      • Quality Ingredients: As bakers, we understand the importance of the quality of ingredients. Our ingredients are sourced and chosen to ensure that you will have a delicious, quality baked good that you can share with your loved ones. We use high quality, creamy SCS Butter in all our baking kits and bittersweet dark chocolate chunks from Belgium.
      • Packed in their exact amounts: Baking is a science, and it’s important to use the exact ingredients to yield a successful bake. We measure all the ingredients you need precisely, to the gram. All you need from your kitchen are eggs.

  • SPECIAL TOOLS REQUIRED so you don’t have to specially buy them.
      • We love baking, and we want you to enjoy the process of baking and  the myriad of experiences baking has to offer. We try to provide everything that you need - for recipes requiring special tools, we provide them for you too.
      • Some of the tools we provide are: Loaf pans, tart pans, muffin liners, skewers (to test doneness), parchment paper (and extra if you need to roll your cookie dough out etc), piping bag, piping tips, extra bags required (if you need to crush cookies), cake liners etc

How to use a baking kit?

Our baking kits are meant to be a fun, hassle-free, and convenient way for you to bake, whether you’re a beginner picking up the ropes, hobbyist, or an experienced baker.

Upon receiving your baking kit(s), simply follow the recipe cards and online video tutorial, and start baking! Pour the individually-packed ingredients accordingly, whip, mix, beat, and bake before unveiling your handmade creation, made from scratch by yours truly.

An all-in-one baking experience, delivered to your doorstep

The Bakestarters' Experience

Free Gift Customisation

Know someone who loves, or is learning how to bake? Our kits are the perfect gift for that special someone. Simply input their delivery address and we will get the kit delivered to their doorstep. We will help you personalise your gift too - drop us a note at the checkout page and we will design a gift card specially for you, to your loved one.

Baking help on demand

Got any questions with the recipe or need help during the baking? Our experienced bakers are always on standby to help you with any questions, simply drop us a message on Instagram/Facebook/site!


We offer home delivery every Wednesday and Fridays. Simply choose your items, schedule your delivery date using the delivery calendar before checking out, and we’ll do the rest. We provide free delivery for orders above S$42. 

All our baking kits contain cold ingredients such as milk and butter. They are packed in an insulated bag together with ice packs prior to delivery, to keep your items fresh. Got any special delivery requests? Drop us a note at the checkout page and we'll help you to our best abilities.