Gotcha, Matcha! | Matcha White Chocolate Ganache Tarts with Matcha/Original Crust Ltd Ed. Kit (makes 2x tarts)

Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Time Taken: making tart shell 20-30mins > baking about 20 mins > making ganache 15-20 mins > chilling 1-2 hours > finishing 10 mins
Yield: 2x 6" tarts 
Unique Factor: 

We wanted to make a baking kit this month with flavours that are loved almost universally, but yet still unique enough that baking it brings about excitement and anticipation. A classic combination - the Grade A Japanese matcha that we use here along with a silky, velvety white chocolate ganache makes this tart one to add to your repertoire of baking recipes. 


Making tarts is a truly therapeutic experience - the way the dough comes together, pressing the tart dough into the pan (we provide disposable pans in the kit!), and the best part, filling these tart crusts with ganache and piping a delectable whipped cream topping before dusting it with more matcha! Check out the gorgeous cross-section here. 

Choose between baking original or matcha crusts for these beautiful tarts.

Watch The Tutorial Video!
What's Included In This Kit?
  • Recipe card
  • For the tart shell 
    • Unsalted butter, SCS
    • Cake Flour 
    • Confectioners' Sugar 
    • Salt 
    • For matcha crust option: Matcha Powder 
    • x1 parchment paper
  • For the Matcha White Chocolate Ganache:
    • White Chocolate Buttons 
    • Corn Syrup
    • Heavy Cream (1) 
    • Heavy Cream (2) 
    • Matcha Powder 
  • For the Decoration
    • Topping Cream 
    • Matcha Powder 
    • x1 Piping Bag
    • x1 Piping tip 
    • x2 Tart Pans

      Ingredients From Your Kitchen:

      • 1 egg yolk
      Recommended Equipment
      • Sieve (for sifting dry ingredients)
      • Whisk (for combining ingredients and whipping topping cream)
      • Spatula/Spoon (to combine ingredients)
      • Knife (for cutting tart dough)
      • Rolling pin/Glass bottle (to roll out tart dough)
      • Microwave/Heatproof bowl and stove/Double boiler (for melting chocolate)
      Delivery Information
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      • Cold Ingredients (milk, butter, etc): Will be packed in insulated packaging with ice packs to keep them fresh. 

      • Dry Ingredients (flour, sugar, etc): Will be packed in airtight packs, in a Bakestarters box.

      Storage Information

      You do not have to bake your Bakestarters baking kit immediately upon delivery.

      Just follow the guidelines below and you're good to go!

      • Dry ingredients (flour, sugar, salt, baking powder etc) can be kept in a cool, dry and dark area for 1-3 months.
      • Cold ingredients (milk, yogurt, butter etc) can be refrigerated in their packaging.

        To ensure optimum freshness, it is recommended to use chilled butter two weeks from delivery. Frozen butter can be kept for ~2 months before use.

        Milk, yogurt, and cream should be used within one week from delivery. They should not be frozen.


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