La Vie En Rose | Pistachio Rose Meringue Tarts Ltd. Ed. (makes x2 tarts)

Difficulty Level: Advanced
Time Taken: tartshell: 15mins of mixing + 45 mins chilling + 10-20 mins baking > custard: 10 mins cooking + 30 mins chilling > meringue: 20 mins > finishing 10 mins
Yield: 2x 6" tarts 

Make restaurant-quality tarts in your own home with our chef-developed and tested recipes. One key component of tarts are their tart shells - these pistachio tarts are filled with chopped pistachios and bake up beautifully in the oven.


Chopped pistachios are crushed finely, and incorporated into the tart for added crunch, texture, and health points, and then filled with a smooth rose custard that pair amazing when consumed with fruity teas. To oomph up the look of these tarts, we teach you how to whip up a gorgeous Swiss meringue with just egg whites and sugar and dollop them onto the tarts for a beautiful, elegant finish!

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What's Included In This Kit?
  • Recipe card
  • For the Pistachio Tart Shells
    • Pistachios 
    • All purpose flour 
    • Confectioners' Sugar 
    • Unsalted butter, SCS (1) 
    • Water 
    • 1x plastic bag 
    • 1x parchment paper 
    • 2x tart pans 
  • For the Rose Custard: 
    • Corn Flour 
    • Granulated Sugar 
    • Milk 
    • Unsalted Butter, SCS (2) 
    • Red Food Colouring
    • Rose Flavour 
  • For the Swiss Meringue: 
    • Granulated Sugar

        Ingredients From Your Kitchen:

        • 3x medium to large eggs
        Recommended Equipment
        • Sieve (for sifting dry ingredients)
        • Whisk (for combining ingredients and whipping meringue)
        • Spatula/Spoon (to combine ingredients)
        • Knife/Scraper (for cutting/working with tart dough)
        • Rolling pin/Glass bottle (to roll out tart dough)
        • Cling wrap 
        • Saucepot & Stove (double-boiler) 
        • 2-3 bowls
        • Pastry brush 
        • Mixer (Optional - for making meringue) 
        • Oven 
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        • Cold Ingredients (milk, butter, etc): Will be packed in insulated packaging with ice packs to keep them fresh. 

        • Dry Ingredients (flour, sugar, etc): Will be packed in airtight packs, in a Bakestarters box.

        Storage Information

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        • Cold ingredients (milk, yogurt, butter etc) can be refrigerated in their packaging.

          To ensure optimum freshness, it is recommended to use chilled butter two weeks from delivery. Frozen butter can be kept for ~2 months before use.

          Milk, yogurt, and cream should be used within one week from delivery. They should not be frozen.


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