Bakestarters' Brownie Points Program

Earn 150 brownie points! Limited time offer.

Hey you. As we grow this community, we need your help! We want people to hear about the Bakestarters experience, but not from us. For your troubles, we'd like to add 150 brownie points to your account. We appreciate any help we can get, and onwards, we bake!

Step 1:  Head over to our Facebook Page and leave a review telling us what you love about the Bakestarters experience.
To leave a review — click on the link above and select yes under Would/Do You Recommend Bakestarters?

*Please note that you can only leave a review if you are on the Bakestarters Reviews page on Desktop, or the mobile Facebook App. You will not have the option if you are viewing on your mobile browser.

Step 2: Come back to this page, and fill in the details below. Once it's verified, the 150 brownie points will be added to your account!

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