Our Story

We truly love baking. There are some amongst us whom would say that baking has been incredibly enriching for us. We want to share that with you.

We believe that baking should go beyond simply following lines in a recipe.

As a baking platform, we share our love for baking by making you a better baker. 

Here, you will find editorial articles, baking recipes, ingredients, and our all new Bakestarters Virtual Baking School.

Recently launched in 2023, we decided to start with a classic — The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Join us virtually, and learn to make your own version of a perfect chocolate chip cookie.

Enrol and take the course at your own pace — we take what you might learn from the best pastry schools, and break it down into easy-to-understand pieces so you can take your baking to the next level.

Bakestarters was established for one purpose: to share that love for baking in sunny Singapore. We were one of the few (and in fact, longest standing) suppliers of baking kits. 

Stay with us as we cover industry news that impact all baking enthusiasts, share recipes and knowledge, and teach you to bake the best you can.