Upcoming Courses

The Ultimate Choux Pastry Course

This course has launched! Check it out here.

Learn to make professional-looking (and tasting!) choux pastries, all in the comfort of your home. Pick up valuable and key information — techniques and theory that one might get from professional culinary schools — in bite-sized and easy to consume formats.

Learning the how-tos makes you a good baker, but learning the whys will transform you to a great one.  From eclairs to cream puffs — never be a hostage to poor recipes again.



The Ultimate Tart Course


In this one, we share 4 different tart crusts, each with its varying level of difficulties, and the key techniques behind making them. 

Why do we have to keep our dough cold?

By understanding and answering these key questions, you will be able to apply them to your own baking at home. No silicone mat to make a perfectly flat crust? No problem.

This tart course will be a direct lead-up into a future pie course. Master tarts, and people will be swarming around you in no time!