Mixing Bowl with Silicone Base (Large)


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If you’re a regular home-baker and have never tried a Mixing Bowl with a Silicone Base, trust us, using one will change your life. 

If you’re whipping up cake batter in an ordinary mixing bowl, you might find that your mixing bowl tends to run around on the counter top, making it hard to control and get a good grip of it. The silicone base helps to add friction to the base of your mixing bowl, preventing any slippage while still allowing you to get a good grip of it if you need to rotate the bowl. 

And, if you’re working on a marble or quartz countertop, the silicone base also allows for carefree baking without worry of damaging your work surface.

Each mixing bowl comes with a deep-dish design to prevent splashes and larger-volume batters, along with measurement lines on the inside for accurate recipes.



  • SUS304 Stainless steel 
  • Smooth nonstick inner walls with measurement 
  • Silicone base for fuss-free food preparation
  • Measures 23.5cm in diameter
  • Made in China.

Care: Please wash with warm soapy water prior to first use.