January's Kit: Matcha Coconut Loaf Cakes with White Chocolate Drizzle

December 28, 2018

Matcha Coconut White Chocolate Loaves

the bake better subscription january

Happy New Year! We hope 2019 has been doing you well so far.

Amongst the list of our new year resolutions is to bring you guys better baking kits that you'll love! 

In this month's subscription, we'll be baking up some loaf cakes! Flavoured with earthy, slightly bitter Grade A matcha powder, these moist loaf cakes are folded with desiccated coconut for texture, topped with MORE desiccated coconut & demerara sugar before baking, THEN drizzled with luscious white chocolate after they come out of the oven. 

Scroll down for tutorial video! 

Matcha coconut white chocolate loaves

You know what's the thing we love about loaf cakes? 

They're incredibly simple to whip up, require minimal tools, quick to prepare, AND incredibly delicious.

For these cakes, first you'll have to cream some butter and sugar until light and fluffy. This can be done with a hand mixer, whisk, or stand mixer. This step helps to aerate the butter. It is done when the mixture has almost doubled in volume and has a light yellowish-white colour.

cream butter and sugar

Then, add and incorporate your eggs before sifting in your dry ingredients! You should have a nice, green batter now. 

Matcha coconut white chocolate loaves

Next, fold in the desiccated coconut into the batter - you can do this with a spatula or spoon. Do not vigorously stir or over-mix the batter! Just use your spatula to incorporate the coconut with swift motions.
 Matcha coconut white chocolate loaves

Take yo' batter and fill up the loaf pans provided! Finally, top them with desiccated coconut and demerara sugar before you pop them into the oven for 25-30 minutes until they've risen tall and beautiful.

And for the finishing touch - the white chocolate drizzle! For those of you who are not a fan of white chocolate, you may replace it with your choice of chocolate. But let me tell you, white chocolate and matcha is a beauu-tiful pairing. The bitterness of the matcha helps to offset the creamy sweetness of white chocolate! 

Matcha coconut white chocolate loaves

And there you have it - matcha coconut loaf cakes handmade by you.

Matcha coconut white chocolate loaves

The cake is moist and fragrant, with some bite from the desiccated coconut added into the batter. With a light topping of demerara sugar, every bite is a beautiful party of textures!

Matcha coconut white chocolate loaves

Watch the tutorial video here (remember to change to HD quality): 

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