Brown Butter - The Hero You Never Knew Existed

March 27, 2019

Brown Butter - The Hero You Never Knew Existed

What is brown butter? If you've never used brown butter in your baking recipes, you might wonder to yourself if it's a completely different kind of butter. Yes, and no. First, let's take a look at some quotes on brown butter from a couple of popular food sites around the web:

The Kitchn - "Brown butter is one of those magical secret ingredients that just seems to enhance the flavor of just about anything – sweet or savory."

Martha Stewart - "It feels like a magic trick every time. Brown butter is a simple one-ingredient sauce that can transform all kinds of recipes."

In essence, brown butter is the evolution of butter from its original state to a melted, aromatic, toasted and nutty flavoured butter that will add another dimension to your food, both savoury and sweet. The best part? You only require a stove, pan, and butter. In fact, we think brown butter is such a quick way to elevate the flavour profile of certain baked goods that almost all our cookie kits require you to brown some butter!

Here's a little video tutorial we created to show you how to brown butter better:


  1. Begin by melting butter in a saucepot over low/medium heat
  2. Once butter is almost completely melted, stir constantly to prevent it from burning.
  3. If the butter begins to splatter vigorously, reduce the heat.
  4. The butter should begin to brown, and it's important to keep stirring at this stage.
  5. Brown specks should form, and there should be an aromatic, nutty smell. 
  6. And that's how to brown butter!
One of our favourite applications with brown butter is in cookie recipes, because that nutty aroma that it adds is simply incredible! It makes easy cookie recipes feel like so much more because of the extra layer of flavour.

Want to bake some cookies without all the hassle of measuring & gathering different ingredients?

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