Cookie Help: I Ran Out Of Brown Sugar. Can I Substitute It With White Sugar?

May 22, 2019

Brown Sugar Substitute

Look up any cookie recipe that is worth their weight in gold dough, and you will see that most, if not all, use both granulated (white) and brown sugar. 

Brown sugar is basically regular sugar with the presence of molasses (a by-product of refining sugarcane). 

In cookies, these molasses add moisture and it helps to create a chewier texture. Not tooting our own horn or anything, but all our cookie kits use an equal amount of brown sugar and granulated sugar for that combination of crispy-outside-chewy-centre.

Nutella Marshmallow Cookies

Sometimes, when our users recreate our cookie kits and run out of brown sugar at home, we get asked this question: “Can we substitute brown sugar out for white sugar?”

Well, you certainly can! However, while there might not be a significant difference in taste, you will find that your cookies are crispier, without that distinctive chewy centre that many enjoy.

If you don't have brown sugar, simply substitute it with and equal amount of white sugar, and you’re good to go! 

Making Your Own Brown Sugar

If you're like us and hate storing so many different ingredients at home, only to end up having them expire, then you'll want to make your own brown sugar. By storing just two ingredients, you can have any type of brown sugar – light brown to dark brown – whenever a recipe calls for it.

Homemade Brown Sugar

225g white granulated sugar

1-2 tablespoons molasses* 

In a large bowl, mix white sugar and molasses together with a fork until well combined. Use 1 tablespoon of molasses for light brown sugar, and 2 tablespoons for dark brown sugar. Taste it! If you prefer darker brown sugar, simply add more molasses according to taste. 

*You can find molasses on online grocery sites, Cold Storage, and baking supplies stores.

Baking with Brown Sugar

The molasses in brown sugar add a complex and rich flavour to your food, giving it dimension. Therefore, besides cookies, it is often used in muffins, brownies, loaf cakes, and even savoury dishes as sauces and marinades!

Looking to bake with brown sugar? Check out some of our baking kit recipes which use brown sugar! 

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