RECIPE: Make these decadent Matcha White Chocolate Truffles from scratch, with just FOUR ingredients!

July 17, 2018

RECIPE: Make these decadent Matcha White Chocolate Truffles from scratch, with just FOUR ingredients!

Chocolate truffles - this chocolate confectionery is decadent, smooth, creamy, and rich.

It is usually made with dark chocolate, but it can also be made with white chocolate too! 

These truffles are SUPER simple to make you won't believe it. They require only FOUR pantry ingredients, no oven, and very little time.

They are also super versatile; throw in any additional mix-ins or flavourings to switch up the flavours. 

For ours, we went with matcha. Matcha in the truffles and then dusted with more earthy, grade A matcha powder. Yum.

We've designed a visual recipe for you guys! Save the images to your phone so you can make these anytime. Don't forget to share this recipe with your friends! 

Matcha White Chocolate Truffles RecipeMatcha White Chocolate Truffles IngredientsMatcha White Chocolate Truffles Recipe

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