12" Dessert & Cake Turntable in Matte Marble


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Elevate your cake decorating experience with this beautiful kitchen centrepiece.

Far from extravagant but simply captivating, this turntable glides with ease, making it almost effortless to create smooth frostings on your cakes and other desserts you've whipped up in your kitchen. Plus, you don’t even need to transfer your cakes to a serving dish—it is a showpiece in itself. 

This modest turntable puts a spotlight on your cakes. The smooth matte finish is neither too flashy nor too intricate, making it the perfect background for any sweet treat. There's no doubt that it'll blend seamlessly in every setting you can imagine!

Plus, if frosting cakes are not a regular thing for you, this marble turntable can also be used to display anything from cupcakes, pastries, to even jewellery!

Also available in Black Quartz and Natural Marble.



  • Dimensions: 12" round turntable top 
  • Made of man-made marble
  • Matte finishing
  • Scratch-resistant surface

 Please clean the table with a soft wet towel before use. Do not microwave, or place into the oven. Avoid washing the whole turntable in the sink and direct contact with water to preserve the quality of the materials and steel base. To remove tough stains, clean with a soft sponge and dishwashing liquid.