Mooncake Mold, 花好月圆 (50g–60g, 4 Designs)


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This set of mooncake mold makes 50g–60g mooncakes, each imprinted with one chinese lettering that spells out "花好月圆" (huā hǎo yuè yuán), which literally translates to "blooming flowers and full moon".

This term is often used as a congratulatory greeting during mid-autumn festival and other festive occasions for wishing perfect happiness to the other.



  • Washable & Reusable 
  • Perfect for 50g to 60g mooncakes 
  • Changeable design templates which secure tightly for use
  • Each set comes with 4 circle design templates
  • Template dimension: ~4.7cm across 

Care: Please wash with warm soapy water prior to first use.