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The Big Bake Theory | Bakestarters

How To Store and Transport a Frosted Cake From One Place To Another

Transporting your frosted cakes could feel more like a challenge than building the cake itself. If you're not careful enough, passing through all the bumps and turns might ruin your hard work! Follow these 10 foolproof tips to ensure that your cake arrives safely to your party.
cake transportation tips

After baking and frosting your cake, it’s time to show it off and share it with your family and friends!

However, sometimes transporting a cake can feel more like a challenge than building the cake itself, especially if you don’t have the correct items to help you. 

Whether you’re travelling a long or short distance, these cake transportation and storage tips will help you transport your cake without ruining it. You’ll still need to be extra careful, but these tips will surely reduce the stress!

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If you’re looking for a hassle-free solution for cake frosting and baking, check out our DIY Christmas baking kits which contain all the ingredients you need in their required portions! This includes cold ingredients such as premium Elle & Vire unsalted butter and Australian cream cheese. 

Red Velvet Semi-Naked Cake with Rosette Details (2x 6" layers)

10 Tips for Storing and Transporting a Frosted Cake

1. Secure the bottom with frosting.

Frosting cake on a turntable
Besides keeping your cake in place while you frost, sticking the cake onto the serving plate or
turntable with some frosting also keeps it from sliding off.

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There will be unexpected bumps and turns along the way, so you’ll need to secure your cake well. You don’t want to ruin your hard work! 

Place the cake on a surface that’s at least 5 cm wider—it’ll prevent the decorations from getting smudged.

Our 12” turntable will get the job done! It’s spacious enough for cakes up to 10” in diameter, and the gorgeous pattern makes it ready to serve without having to transfer the cake to another plate. 

2. Chill the cake beforehand.

This step is essential to prevent smudging while packing and transporting your cake.

Buttercream frosting is very prone to smudging when it’s softened. Chilling the frosted cake will make it firmer, and you won’t need to worry as much!

Simply leave your packed cake in the fridge and only remove it just before you leave your house; this will help your cake stay as cool as possible to prevent the frosting from melting too quickly in Singapore’s hot weather.

3. Pack the decorations separately.

birthday candles
If you’re using candles, gum paste flowers, or fondant sculptures, transport them inside a separate container. This prevents them from moving around while being transported, which will result in unsightly smudges!

4. Consider the weather.

Red Velvet Semi-Naked Cake with Rosette Details (2x 6" layers)
All components of a frosted cake are sensitive to heat—the cake, filling, and frosting. 

If you’re transporting the cake across a long distance, consider frosting your cake using American or Italian Meringue buttercream. These are more stable than the other types.

When in your vehicle, place the cake away from direct sunlight, or in the boot. This will help to keep the cake as cool as possible. 

5. Prepare enough fridge space.

A cake must be kept cool before and after frosting. Even if you’ve done everything right while decorating, not chilling the cake afterward will make it less than ideal.

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Since most types of frosting will melt if left at room temperature, ask your host to prepare enough fridge space. This ensures that your cake will retain its shape until ready to serve!

6. Choose a box that fits snugly.

Find a box that’s the same size as your cake board or turntable. If there’s any extra space, your cake might slide around, resulting in a ruined frosting!

Also consider the cake’s height when choosing a box. Leave at least 5 cm above your cake, especially if it has protruding decorations.

7. Bring the necessities.

Ondeh Ondeh Pandan Gula Melaka Coconut Semi-Naked Cake w/ Gula Melaka Drip & Coconut Crumble Topping
It wouldn’t hurt to bring along your
offset spatula, piping bags (and tips), and some extra frosting with you to your destination. 

These will allow you to fix any smudges that might have happened during the journey. 

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8. Place the cake on a level surface.

The passenger seat might seem like a safe option, but an uneven surface could cause your cake to slide off and bump onto the box’s sides. 

Place your cake on a completely flat, level surface to prevent this from happening. 

The car’s floor or trunk are our best bet. For more stability, place a non-slip mat under the cake box! It’ll reduce any shocks to the cake that may happen along the ride.

9. Drive carefully.

Having all your hard work ruined by careless driving is the last thing you want. 

There will be unexpected bumps, sudden stops, and steep roads, but you can worry less by taking extra care. Most importantly, don’t speed!

10. Build the box around the cake and slide it out later.

Instead of building the cake box and dropping the cake in, it’s better to assemble the box around your cake. 

Simply place the cake on the box’s base, then build the sides and secure them with some tape.

Once you arrive at your destination, cut open the sides of the box and slide the cake out. These two steps will prevent any accidental smudges!

How To Transport A Cake

Red Velvet Semi-Naked Cake with Rosette Details (2x 6" layers)After all the hard work frosting your cake, the last thing you want is to see it get ruined during its journey to your destination. We hope these cake storage and transportation tips above will help you transport your treats better!

And if you're looking to up your cake frosting game, a solid, sturdy turntable will help you achieve the cake of your dreams.

12" Dessert & Cake Turntable in Natural MarbleThe Bakestarters' range of dessert and cake turntables each comes with a sturdy table that can be swivelled easily to get an even application of frosting across your cake. Its weight gives you a smoother rotation and stability, essential in achieving a smooth coat of frosting. 

With a diameter of 12", the turntables can frost cakes of many sizes, from 8" to 11" cakes. Their nonstick base also helps prevent the turntable from slipping or moving around, so you don't have to worry about your cake spinning off the table if you swivel it too quickly.

They are available in three designs:

1. Natural Marble

2. Matte Marble

3. Black Quartz


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