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RECIPE: Homemade Kid-Friendly Cake Pops To Make This Children's Day

Give your leftover cake and frosting a makeover with these fun and simple cake pops, perfect for gifting.
RECIPE: Homemade Kid-Friendly Cake Pops To Make This Children's Day

In the Bakestarters kitchen, we always always have cake in the fridge. What do we do with all the leftovers from our testings, you ask? We either pack it home to share with our family and friends, or we get creative and make the most out of it!

Our Christmas testings are already in the works, and our kitchen has been filled with crazy delicious smells I can't get enough of. This Christmas, a flourless chocolate torte is in the lineup, and we're so excited about it! I've had countless slices of chocolate cake so far, and to save us from our expanding waistlines, we've decided to make full use of the leftover cake, and turn them into fun cake pops that you can do with your friends, or your little ones. 

These cake pops are really simple, and helps you make use of leftover cake scraps you might not know what to do with. 

Easy cake pop recipeDecorate your cake pops with whatever sprinkles or toppings you have at home!

Cake pops are basically crumbled cake that's adhered together with cake frosting, rolled into balls and covered with chocolate or candy melts. For our recipe, we used leftover chocolate torte from one our bake tests which is flourless – this means that the cake's super fudge-y and slightly sticky, so we didn't need any extra frosting to bring the cake crumbs together! However you can use any kind of cake you like, and even our Drunk on Chocolate cake kit. Read on for more tips on how to make the cake pops with different kinds of cake!

All we did was crumble our leftover cake using our hands and roll them into cute little balls. If you are using normal butter cake, you might need to dollop some frosting to bind the cake crumbs together. 

easy cake pop recipe

After we've got our little round cake balls, we then melt some chocolate using a double boiler until smooth, and coat each ball with a layer of chocolate. If you want it to be a handy treat, you can push lollipop or ice cream sticks into the cake balls before coating them with chocolate. 

To prevent the chocolate from sticking to your plate, you can place the coated cake pops onto a piece of parchment paper. 

easy kid friendly cake pop recipe

 Finally, before the chocolate starts to set and harden, sprinkle the cake pops with whatever sprinkles you have at home. This is the part to go crazy and get creative with your loved ones! For us, we coated ours with green and red sanding sugar and rainbow sprinkles. 

To get the heart shapes, we tore out a bit of parchment paper, folded it into half, and cut out a heart shape. Hold your stencil on top of the chocolate-coated cake pop before dusting with sanding sugar and you'll get beautiful heart shapes like we did. Feel free to cut your parchment out into different shapes to get different prints!

Homemade Cake Pop Tips

  • Type of cake - You can actually make cake pops with different kinds of cake! Depending on the kind of cake, you might require different amounts of frosting to bind the cake crumbs together. Drier cakes with less fat such as sponge cakes might require a touch more frosting to bind them together. However, for more moist cakes such as this double chocolate cake, you'll only need a small bit of frosting. 

  • Chocolate coating - Different kinds of chocolate will yield different consistencies after melting. If you find that your melted chocolate is too thick to coat the cake balls, you can add a touch of shortening to the molten chocolate mixture. This will help to thin out your chocolate, making it easier to coat the cake pops. Do not add butter or margarine as they contain water, which does not go well with chocolate. For the chocolate, you can use your favourite type of chocolates for this! We used our favourite Callebaut dark chocolate that's used in some of our chocolate baking kits

  • Frosting - If you're adding frosting as the binding agent to the cake crumbs, you don't want to put too much frosting as this will yield a wet and oily cake pop which is less than desirable. Feel free to mix and match the cake and frosting flavours to come up with different variations of cake pops! Red velvet cake + cream cheese frosting will give you deliciously gorgeous red velvet cake pop balls, while chocolate cake + chocolate frosting will be a decadent treat for the chocoholics. 

  • Coating cake pops - If you find yourself having difficulty coating your cake balls, or if crumbs keep falling out, you can place the moulded balls in the freezer to firm up before coating them with melted chocolate. 
easy cake pop recipe


Homemade Kid-Friendly Cake Pops


150g dark chocolate 

150g white chocolate

1 to 2 teaspoons vegetable shortening (optional)

Leftover cake (about 150g - 200g)

A few spoonfuls of frosting (optional, if required. Amount depends on the moistness of the cake)

Sprinkles, Sanding Sugar 

Lollipop sticks / Ice-cream sticks

Yield: About 8 to 10 cake pops (~40g each)


Step 1: In a large bowl, crumble leftover cake using your hands until it resembles fine crumbs. We used leftover flourless cake, which made it sticky enough for them to adhere to themselves, so we did it without adding any frosting.

If frosting is required, dollop a bit of frosting and use your hands to press and combine everything. Less is more in this case, because you want a moist cake pop! Add in the frosting a little at a time until the cake is able to hold its shape once you press it into a tight ball. After you have added in the frosting, the cake should still be a little crumbly – you don't want it to be wet!

Step 2: Once you're done, take a small portion of the cake crumbs (~1 tbsp) and press them together in between your palms before rolling and shaping into a ball. Repeat for the rest of the cake mixture.

Step 3: Gently push your lollipop sticks / ice cream sticks into the balls and set aside onto a piece of parchment paper. You may pop them into the freezer to firm up for easier coating.

Step 4: For the Chocolate Coating – Using a microwave/double boiler, melt both chocolates separately until smooth. If required, add in a touch of vegetable shortening to thin and smoothen out the chocolate for easier coating. Sitr until evenly distributed and smooth.  

Step 5: Coating the cake pops – You may coat the cake pops in two ways. 1. With one hand, use a spoon to scoop and pour the molten chocolate all over the cake pops while rotating them with the other hand. 2. Pour all the molten chocolate into a tall glass and dip your cake pops into the chocolate.

Step 6: Once cake pops are coated with chocolate, place them onto a piece of parchment. Before the chocolate sets and harden, coat or top with your favourite sprinkles.

Trying this recipe out? Make sure you hashtag #bakestarters on Instagram so we can see your wonderful creations!

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  • Hi Kamna! Thanks for reaching out. Apologies for the late reply! We would recommend storing in a cool environment to prevent the chocolate coating from melting. However, if you’re afraid of them melting, you can use candy melts instead. If you’re storing at a cool temperature, they should be able to last overnight! Other than that, we would recommend covering them and storing them in the fridge until the day of your event. 1-3 days before your event would be ideal. Hope this helps!

    Bakestarters Admin on

  • Hi…how long can we store these cake pops at room temperature…i am planning to make them for an many days ahead of that should i make and store them.

    Kamna on

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